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What Members Are Saying:

What a wonderful experience it was to be with a group of humans who know that other beings are sentient and are willing to be so open about their experiences. Yesterday was lovely and I have made space in my calendar to be live for the next one as well. It felt like such a gift!

KellyAnnual Member of The Pride

For me it's the best thing that happened. When I now think about it, it's a dream come true, of feeling connected to the Animal Kingdom, of meeting friends and sharing powerful conversations that can have a large range of effects from very practical advice to spiritual awakenings and 'aha' moments...and it's so much fun, every single time.

SandraAnnual Member of The Pride

The Pride....Amazing. A totally unique opportunity to connect with amazing species from all over Mother Earth. Their messages inspire, guide and amaze us humans. The Pride is a community where you can connect with animal lovers from across the globe and freely share your experiences. I can't express how much I look forward to our monthly gatherings. A lovely and inspiring group to belong.

LorraineAnnual Member of The Pride

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