Managing Your Membership

What is included in The Pride membership?

Each month members receive a different species communication sharing; the Animal Power-Up is our Live members-only community gathering; the Animal Empowerment recording of the species sharing to listen to a clean copy;  downloadable worksheets and information, Divine Blueprint and Knowledge and Sacred Action. Also included is access to the The Pride Membership Community – a private, heart-based community for those who are dedicated to compassionate and respectful interaction with the Animal Kingdom. You’ll also receive a transformational meditation – Divine Love – and a chakra healing – Solar Plexus Empowerment – that I know will help you open your heart and supercharge your solar power. One of the best parts of being a member is knowing that just by joining up you’re already making a big difference through our Make A Difference gratitude gift to help animals in rescues or sanctuaries as well as animal conservation projects.

Where can I send a friend to join The Pride?

Spread the word! Together we can make a big impact:

What level of animal communication experience do I need to benefit?

The wonderful thing about animal communication is that our ability evolves as our our confidence grows and our soul unfolds. Whether you are completely new, a budding beginner or quite experienced, there is something for everyone. Pea’s teaching style is to create a safe and sacred space for you to connect with the animals and to experience them directly at your own pace. There is no plateau in exploring our deeper connections with animals and taking further steps along our animal communication journey.

Do I have to have a Zoom account to take part in the Animal Power-up each month?

All Live Animal Power-Up’s are delivered and recorded on a platform called Zoom. Zoom is interactive and you can ask Pea your questions during these live community gatherings using the Zoom link provided. We have many members who don’t have a Facebook account and we have found that Zoom works as a best fit for all. A replay of each Animal Power-up will become available within your members account about two or three days later, so that you can watch it at a time that is most suitable for you.

What if I can't make the live gathering for the Animal Power-Up?

That’s ok, a replay of each Animal Power-up will become available within your members account about two or three days later, so that you can watch it at a time that is most suitable for you.

How soon after the live Zoom call will the Animal Power-Up be available?

Please check back in 48 hours, we aim to have it available for you then. In the unlikely instance it’s not available this may be due to a tech issue our end. Please bear with us and pop back in a little later.

Do I have to join Facebook to be able to access The Pride Facebook group?

To enjoy the benefits of The Pride community you will need to have a free Facebook account. If you don’t have one already, you can sign up here.

What are the rules of The Pride private Facebook group?

The Pride Private Facebook Group is a place to share positivity, love for animals, ask questions, and talk about the The Pride! It is also a sacred place for us to gather, be supported and to expand our level of consciousness, so we can then be of service to the Animal Kingdom. Please respect this with the energy you bring and by not posting promotional material. When participating in the The Pride Membership, information you share and your behaviour towards other participants should be respectful, polite and not offensive. Offensive or hostile behaviour towards or in relation to other participants is not permitted.

You should not post material or make comments that are likely or intended to be or are in breach of any person’s rights, defamatory, obscene, sexually explicit, discriminatory, violent, threatening, promoting illegal activity, or are likely or intended to deceive any person, or harass or cause anxiety to any person, or likely to bring us into disrepute.

The full list of Membership Facebook Principles is listed in the Facebook group. If these principles are ignored your inclusion within the Facebook group may be revoked.

Do you accept credit card payment?

Yes, you can pay with credit card: Visa, Mastercard or Amex.

What is the refund policy?

For annual memberships, you have 14 days to try The Pride. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, please cancel your account and you will be refunded.

For monthly memberships, we do not offer a refund.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

We can help you with any questions, queries or issues you may have, from forgetting your password to payment changes. If you have any issues or questions please click on ‘support’ at the top of your account dashboard.

If I cancel my membership what do I still have access to?

If you cancel your membership you will forfeit all access to the elements of The Pride, including all Zoom and audio recordings, worksheets and The Pride Private Facebook Group, as these are part of the paid membership.

How do I rejoin The Pride with the same username I had in the past?

If you have an inactive membership, you can still access your account by logging in. After you login, you can view your subscriptions here, and click Subscribe. Your info will be filled out in the form, and you can reactivate your subscription by completing the payment.

If you received a special offer by email, make sure you log in first, and then click on the link from your email. This will pull in your information and associate your new subscription with your original account.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

You can read the full terms and conditions here: The Pride Terms & Conditions